Our Team

Clayton Zachary

Clayton Zachary - Chief Designer/Production Manager

Clayton Zachary - Chief Designer/Production Manager

Having been in the construction business for over 30 years, Clayton often thinks of himself as a "pyscho-therapist masquerading as a landscaper with an accounting background."  Sound a bit much? Keep reading.

Clayton has met thousands of people searching for their "perfect" outdoor environment.  Helping his clients realize their dreams requires an art of consulting to extract, compile, process and convey as much useful information as possible.

The "perfect yard" is elusive -- a constantly evolving dream. He has been known to say, “As beautiful a yard is at completion is as ugly as it will ever be." 

Leveraging his knowledge and experience of horticulture, irrigation, masonry, grading & drainage structures, plants and their care allows mrZ Contracting to implement these components to build all types of outdoor projects and living environments efficiently and with a high degree of skill.

Deborah Dierks

Deborah Dierks - Owner/Business Manager

Deborah Dierks - Owner/Business Manager

With over 25 years in business management and customer service, Deborah joined mrZ Contracting in 2011.

Since joining the company, Deborah has updated and streamlined all of the technology and process formats that mrZ leverages. This has enhanced the client experience and involvement by having direct and timely access to all project data.

Before joining mrZ Contracting, Deborah spent 12 years working for the City of Lewisville in the Building Inspections and Code Enforcement department. She worked with city officials, contractors, and homeowners alike.  She is an expert with municipal processes and permitting requirements. This makes obtaining permits for our clients a smooth and easy process.

Deborah is the hub of all communication for mrZ. She sets all appointments and interacts with every single client throughout each project.  She strives to make each experience one to rave about.

Support Teams

CAD Operator:
Quinn Solti:  

Quinn has worked in the landscape industry for over 20 years.  He began his career by digging ditches while learning the industry and he has gained a great respect for it through seeing what true beauty a great landscape can provide.  To Quinn landscaping is an art form.  Creating a design that not only looks good on paper and the initial installation but also thrives years later, continually growing in beauty, is truly turning dreams into reality. 

Installation & Build Teams:
These teams have a long-standing, strong relationships with mrZ Contracting. All team members have over 20 years of experience in landscaping and hardscaping construction. Each are experts in their respective fields.